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Brand X

Origen - Londres, Inglaterra

Genero - Jazz fusion

 Brand X [1976] Marquee Club 76'

CD 1
Running on three
Tales of ancient mysteries
Kugel blitz
Why should I lend you mine
Born ugly

CD 2
Malaga virgen
Tunisian faces
Talk and tuning
Nuclear burn
Smacks of euphoric hysteria

Brand X [1976] Unorthodox Behaviour

Nuclear Burn
Euthanasia Waltz
Born Ugly
Smacks Of Euphoric Hysteria
Unorthodox Behaviour
Running Of Three
Touch Wood

Brand X [1977] Livestock

Nightmare Patrol
Euthanasia Waltz
Isis Mourning i)
Isis Mourning ii)
Malaga Virgen

Brand X [1977] Moroccan Roll

Sun in the Night
Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours off Already)
...Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All
Hate Zone
Disco Suicide
Malaga Virgen

Brand X [1978] Masques

The Poke
Black Moon
Deadly Nightshade
Earth Dance
Access To Data
The Ghost Of Mayfield Lodge

Brand X [1979] Don't Make Waves, Live At The Bottom Line, NY

Disco Suicide-Algon
Dance Of The Illegal Aliens
Don't Make Waves
Access To DataThe Ghost Of Mayfield Lodge
Malaga Virgen

Brand X [1979] Live at the Roxy

Disco suicide/Algon
Dance of the illegal aliens
Don't make waves
Malaga vergen
 ... And so to f ...
Nuclear burn

Brand X [1979] Product

Don't Make Waves
Dance Of The Illegal Aliens
Not Good Enough-See Me!
Rhesus Perplexus
Wal To Wal
...And So To F...

Brand X [1980] Do They Hurt

Noddy goes to Sweden
Act of will
Triumphant limp

Brand X [1982] Is There Anything About

A Longer April
Swan Song
Is There Anything About?
Modern, Noisy and Effective

Brand X [1992] Xcommunication

Xanax Taxi
Liquid Time
Kluzinski Period
Healing Dream
Mental Floss
A Duck Exploding
Message to You All
Church of Hype
Kluzinski Reprise

Brand X [1995] Live at the Roxy LA, 1979

Disco Suicide -> Algon
Dance of the Illegal Aliens
Don't Make Waves
Malaga Virgen
...And So to F...
Nuclear Burn

Brand X [1997] Manifest Destiny

True To The Clik
The Worst Man
Mainfest Destiny
Five Drops
Drum Ddu
Operation Hearts And Minds
Mr. Bubble Goes To Hollywood

Brand X [1999] Timeline

Disco Suicide
Nightmare Patrol
Why Should I Lend You Mine...
Access to Data
Nuclear Burn
Euthanasia Waltz
Malaga Virgin
Deadly Nightshade
A Duck Exploding
Guitar Concerto
Thalidomide Squid
Nuclear Burn / Cambodia
Drum Solo
Church Of Hype
Healing Dream

Brand X [1999] X-Files A 20, Year Retrospective

The X-Files Theme [Live]
Nuclear Burn/Cambodia [Live]
True to the Click
Healing Dream [Remastered]
Thalidomide Squid [Live]
Born Pretty in a Disco [Live]
Nody Goes to Sweden [Live]
Don't Make Waves [Live]
John "No" Doe [Studio Outtake]
Dance of Life
Saladin [Remix '98]
Inseminator [Remastered]
G Storm
Measure the Sky
Here I Am Now
Love Notes
The Ocean
Last of the Mohicans [Live]
$10,000 Bookshelf
Finger Power
From a Mountain Top

Brand X [2003] Trilogy, Recorded In New York City, 1979

Phil Collins Commentary
Dance of the Illegal Aliens
Robin Lumley Commentary
Don't make Waves
Robin Lumley Commentary
Phil Collins Commentary
Malaga Virgen
Phil Collins Commentary
And So to F...

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