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Darrell Mansfield

Origen - California, Estados Unidos

Generos - Gospel, Musica Cristiana, Rock, Blues Rock, Country Rock.

Darrell Mansfield [1979] Higher Power

Children Don't Run
The Prize
Thats All Right
He Has Overcome
No More Blues
Love Conquers All
Giver Of Life
Every Night Every Day
Higher Power
Darrell Mansfield [1980] Her Ready

Get Ready
Mr. Rock 'N' Roll
Above The Water
Billy Joe
Heaven Southwestern
Never Be The Same
Power Of Love
Life Saver
Not Far Away
When The Curtain Falls
Flow Like A River
Darrell Mansfield [1983] The Vision

Lay Down This World
No More Blues
Hard Times
The Vision
Walk Across Heaven
Empty Hearts
Cant Do Nothin
Have You Been Listenin
Darrell Mansfield [1985] Revelation

Thunder And Lightning
After The Storm
Give It Up
Bible Study
Jesus Will Reign
Dont Let Them Stand In Your Way
Darrell Mansfield [1988] Last Chance Boogie

Hello / Goodbye Boogie
High Water
Last Chance Boogie
Revelation Song
Nobody But You Lord
Tell The Truth
Walk With Me Jesus
There's Gotta Be A Chance
I'm Ready
It's Time To Go
Hello / Goodbye Boogie
Darrell Mansfield [1988] Live at Calvary Chapel

Thunder 'n' Lightning
After the Storm 
Give It Up
Bible Study
Jesus Will Reign
Don't Let Them Stand in Your Way
Lay Down This World
No More Blues
Heaven Southwestern
Kaiser Mansfield [1990] Trimmed & Burnin'

Great Change Since I've Been Born
Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burnin'
Shaky Ground
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Go Tell Pharaoh
You Got To Move
In the Light of the Morning Star
Celestial Shore
Jesus Is Comin' Soon
God Don't Never Change
What You Did
I Belong To The Band
You Got To Die
We Shall See The King
Darrell Mansfield [1991] Live At Flevo

You Got To Move
No More Blues
Million Dollar Feelin'
I Was Running
Thunder & Lightning
Jesus Coming Soon
Stand by Me
Bible Study
Mansfield  Turner [1991] Blues With A Feelin'

Million Dollar Feeln'
Stand by me
People Get Ready
Jesus Comin' Soon
Don't Sell Your Soul For Money
Blues With a Feelin
Everyday Will Be Sunday
I'm Just Your Fool
Nobody's Fault But Mine
At the Table of the Lord
Darrell Mansfield [1993] Slow Burn (With Glen Kaiser)

Seen And Unseen
Cover Me
You're Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond
Threw It Away
Witness Cloud
God Don't Lie
Jesus on the Mainline
Slow Burn
Blind Willie Glickman
On My Dyin' Bed
Great White Throne
Wonderful God
This Little Light
PS 99
Been Down That Road
Blessed Be
Long Way from My Home
Darrell Mansfield [1994] Give Him Your Blues

Never Been To The Seminary
Twelve Gates To The City
Trimmed & Burnin'
It Ain't Right
It's Too Late, Brother
God's Radar
It Takes Go To Build A Home
I Know Jesus Can
Swing Low
The Mission
I Never Heard A Man
Glenn Kaiser ● Larry Howard ● Trace Balin ● Darrell Mansfield [1994] The Blues Night

Boom Boom - Darrell Mansfield
You Know It Ain´t Right - Darrell Mansfield
The Mission - Darrell Mansfield
Jesus Mentioned My Name - Trace Balin
A Better Way -Trace Balin
When I Get To Heaven - Trace Balin
Great Change - Glenn Kaiser
Witness Cloud - Glenn Kaiser
Somebody On Your Bond - Glenn Kaiser
Shaky Ground - Glenn Kaiser
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven - Larry Howard
It's Only You - Larry Howard
Everyday Will Be Sunday
Darrell Mansfield [1995] Mansfield & Company

Let's Work Together
Heavy Load Song For Jessica
Flyin' Free
The Mission
Boom Boom
Everybody's Business
Starry Sea
He Has Overcome
Mansfield Howard Kaiser [1995] Into the night

Million Dollar Feelin'
Lost Ship
Queen Of My Heart
Stand By Me
Where Would I Be
It's Only You
The Mission
If I Leave This World Tomorrow
I Found Out
Darrell Mansfield [1996] The Lord's House A Tribute To Reverend Dan Smith

Rev. Dan Speaks
God's Radar
Beautiful City
The Lord's House
Stand By Me
Rev. Dan Speaks
Never Been To Seminary
It Takes God To Build A Home
This Is The Lord's House.
Great Change
At The Table With The Lord
Down Through The Years
Everyday Will Be Sunday
Darrell Mansfield [1997] Crossroads

Million Dollar Feeling
Stand By Me
People Get Ready
Jesus Is Comin'
Blues With A Feeling
I'm Just Your Fool
Nobody's Fault
Boom Boom
Heavy Load
The Mission
Starry Sea
He Has Overcome
Darrell Mansfield [1997] Delta & Gospel Blues Collection

Jesus Comin Soon
Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burnin
Celestial Shore
Nobody's Fault but Mine
You Got to Move
Need Somebody on Your Bond
Wonderful God
Death Don't Have No Mercy
I Never Heard a Man
Nobody but You
It's Time to Go
God's Radar
Beautiful City
I Belong to the Band
It Takes God to Build a Home
This Is the Lord's House
Every Day Will Be Sunday
Never Been to Seminary
Darrell Mansfield [1999] Live In Europe

Let's Work Together
There's Gotta Be A Change
Tell The Truth
Walk With Me Jesus
The Mission
Nobody But You Lord
Boom Boom
People Get Ready
Last Change Boogie
Million Dollars Feeling
Time To Go
Darrell Mansfield [2000] Soul'd Out

Swing Low
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Mercy Abundant
Come This Far
Amazing Grace
I Just Want To Know You
Hold On
Soon Very Soon
Darrell Mansfield [2007] Shades

Home Run
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Dreamin' Schemin'
Get Ready
Thunder And Lighting
Million $ Feeling
Tell The Truth
Never Heard A Man
Jesus Coming Soon
Darrell Mansfield [2008] To Be Wild

Born To Be Wild
Just Lookin' For A Church
Spirit In The Sky
Back Slider
Radar Love
Drift Away
For The Love Of Money
Are You Ready?
Respect Yourself
Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Oh Well
Walking In God's Love
Get Together
I'll Be There
Lean On Me
Nature's Way
Darrell Mansfield [2009] Life's Highway

One Way Or Another
King Of The Blues
Through The Fire
Life's Highway
Heaven Is My Home
Mustang 5.0
The Revelation
Don't Take The Number
Lead Me To The Rock
Darrell Mansfield [2009] Best Of Live

Got to Be a Change
Tell the Truth
Walk With Me Jesus
The Mission
Nobody But You, Lord
Million Dollar Feeling
Boom Boom
Stand By Me
People Get Ready
All Along the Watchtower
Darrell Mansfield [2012] Revelation

Thunder 'n Lightning (Revelation Studio 1985)
After The Storm (Revelation Studio 1985)
Runnin' (Revelation Studio 1985)
Give It Up (Revelation Studio 1985)
Bible Study (Revelation Studio 1985)
Jesus Will Reign (Revelation Studio 1985)
Tokyo (Revelation Studio 1985)
Don't Let Them Stand In Your Way (Revelation Studio 1985)
Waiting (Revelation Studio 1985)
Lay Down This World (Revelation Live At Calvary Chapel 1988)
Runnin' (Revelation Live At Calvary Chapel 1988)
Thunder 'n Lightning (Revelation Live At Calvary Chapel 1988)
Heaven Southwestern (Revelation Live At Calvary Chapel 1988)
Jesus Will Reign (Revelation Live At Calvary Chapel 1988)
Bible Study (Revelation Live At Calvary Chapel 1988)
Darrell Mansfield [2014] Kentucky Blues

Respect Yourself
Ain't No Room In This House For Hell
I'm Ready
Tell The Truth
Key To The Highway
That's How Strong My Love Is
Hello Goodbye Boogie

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