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Neal Morse

Origen - Van Nuys, California, Estados Unidos

Género(s) - Rock progresivo, Rock neoprogresivo

Neal Morse [1999]

Living Out Loud
Lost Cause
Land Slide
That Which Doesn't Kill Me
Everything Is Wrong
Nowhere Fast
A Whole Nother Trip - A) Bomb That Can't Explode
A Whole Nother Trip - B) Mr  Upside Down
A Whole Nother Trip - C) The Man Who Would Be King
A Whole Nother Trip - D) It's Alright

Neal Morse [2000] Merry Christmas From The Morse Family

Hallelujah - The King Is Born
Christmas Keeps Calling
Love Lay In Bethlehem
The Laughing Christmas Song
Sinatra Christmas (My 1st Christmas With You)
How Peaceful Was The Night
'Tis The Season To Be Blue
Elvis Christmas (Lovin' Christmas)
Swingin' Holiday
Kids Love Santa
Missing You At Christmas
Holy Christmas

Neal Morse [2001] It's Not Too Late

It's Not Too Late
All The Young Girls Cry
The Angels Will Remember
So Long Goodbye Blues
The Change
Broken Homes
Oh Angie
The Eyes Of The World (George'
Ain't Seen Nothin'Like Me
I Am Your Father
Something Blue
The Wind And The Rain

Neal Morse [2003] Testimony [Special Edition]

CD 1
The Land Of Beginning Again
Overture No. 1
California Nights
Colder In The Sun
Sleeping Jesus
The Prince Of The Power Of The Air
The Promise
Wasted Life
Overture No. 2
Break Of Day
Power In The Air
Somber Days
Long Story
It's All I Can Do
CD 2
Ready To Try
Sing It High
Moving In My Heart
I Am Willing
In The Middle
The Storm Before The Calm
Oh To Feel Him
God's Theme
Overture No. 3
Oh Lord, My God
God's Theme 2
The Land Of Beginning Again
CD 3
The Fang... Sings!
Find My Way Back Home

Neal Morse [2003] The Transatlantic Demos

Hanging In The Balance
Working On Mystery Train (On A Bus)
We All Need Some Light
Dance With The Devil
Working On Piano Solo In 'All Of The Above'
Bridge Across Forever
Full Moon Rising

Neal Morse [2004] One

The Creation: One Mind/In A Perfect Light/Where Are You?/Reaching From The
The Man's Gone
Author Of Confusion
The Separated Man: I'm In A Cage/I Am The Man/The Man's Gone (Reprise)
Cradle To The Grave
Help Me/The Spirit And The Flesh
Father Of Forgiveness
Reunion: No Separation/Grand Finale/Make Us One

Neal Morse [2005]

The Temple Of The Living God
Another World
The Outsider
Sweet Elation
In The Fire
Solid As The Sun
The Glory Of The Lord
Outside Looking In
Inside His Presence
The Temple Of The Living God

Neal Morse [2005] God Won't Give Up

I Sing My Love
His Mercy Endureth
King Of Love
The Crossroads
Save My Life Tonight
Love Like You
John's Dream
See What God Can Do
God Won't Give Up

Neal Morse [2005] Lead Me Lord (Worship Sessions Volume 1)

God Won't Give Up
Lead Me Lord
Taste And See
Medley: I Bless Your Name - Breath - Create In Me A Clean Heart
Cleanse Me
Come Let Him Love You
Because You Loved Me
Have Your Way
Jesus - This Is Your Life Now

Neal Morse [2006] Cover To Cover

Pleasant Valley Sunday
Maybe I'm Amazed
Where Do The Children Play
I'm The Man
Feeling Stronger Everyday
Rock And Roll Suicide
Where The Streets Have No Name
Day After Day
What Is Life?
I'm Free/Sparks
Tuesday Afternoon
Find My Way Back Home

Neal Morse [2006] Send The Fire (Worship Sessions Volume 2)

I Worship You With My Life
There Is Life
You Are Needed In This House
Send The Fire
Hide Thou Me
God Of Glory
I Give All
Come Unto Me
He's Able
The Kind Of Heart

Neal Morse [2007] Sola Scriptura

The Door: Introduction/In The Name Of God/All I Ask For/Mercy For Sale/Keep
The Conflict: Do You Know My Name?/Party To The Lie/Underground/Two Down, O
Heaven In My Heart
The Conclusion: Randy's Jam/Long Night's Journey/Re-Introduction/Come Out O

Neal Morse [2008] Lifeline

The Way Home
God's Love
Children Of The Chosen
So Many Roads
Fly High

Neal Morse [2008] Secret Place

It's My Desire
Room At The Cross
May The Words
Mercy Endures
Neal Morse
I Surrender All
After The Rain
Secret Place (Have Your Way)

Neal Morse [2009] From The Cutting Room Floor

The Whirlwind Demo Excerpt 1- The Whirlwind
The Whirlwind Demo Excerpt 2- Master Blaster , The Warmth Of The Wind
The Whirlwind Demo Excerpt 3- Middle Bit
The Whirlwind Demo Excerpt 4- End Bit
Guitar Piece #2
The Way
What's It Worth
You Can't Reach Them All
A Cool Kind Of Rush
Draw Me Nearer
Waka Waka Waka
How Are You Papu
You Got To Move

Neal Morse [2009] The River (Worship Sessions Volume 4)

Glory To Glory
The River
Serve You In The Fire
I Exalt Thee
Holy Is Our God
Jesus Knows
You Are Good
He Came For Me
Only Love Remains
Go Light Your World
Let There Be Singing
Hallelujah (For God So Loved The World)

Neal Morse [2010] Mighty To Save

How He Loves Us
Heiliger Geist
Mighty To Save
Only What You Do For Christ
Revelation Song
O Herr, Gieße Ströme (Ströme Des Lebendigen Wassers)
Fall On Me
Who Am I?
Let Us Worship
The Center
I Won't Turn Back
Spoken For

Neal Morse [2011] A Proggy Christmas

Carol Of The Bells
O Holy Night
The Little Drummer Boy
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Home For The Holidays
Shred Ride
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen / O Come Emmanuel
The Christmas Song

Neal Morse [2011] Testimony 2

Mercy Street
Overture No. 4
Time Changer
Nighttime Collectors
Time Has Come Today
Jesus' Blood
The Truth Will Set You Free
Chance Of A Lifetime
Jesus Bring Me Home
Road Dog Blues
It's For You
Crossing Over / Mercy Street Reprise

Neal Morse [2012] Momentum

Thoughts Part 5
Smoke And Mirrors
Weathering Sky
World Without End

Neal Morse [2012] Cover 2 Cover

Lido Shuffle
I Saw The Light
Rikki Don't Lose That Number
Driven To Tears
Come Sail Away
Southern Man / Needle And The Damage Done / Cinnamon Girl
Crazy Horses
Lemons Never Forget
The Letter
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding

Neal Morse [2013] Get In The Boat

Get in the Boat
Desert Song
We Will Trust God
Shout for joy
Defences Down
Overwhelm My Heart
Upside Down
Come to Jesus

Neal Morse [2013] Live Momentum NY

Weathering Sky
Author Of Confusion
The Distance To The Sun
Testimony Suite
Sleeping Jesus
Prince Of The Power Of The Air
The Promise
Wasted Life,Thoughts Part 5
The Conflict
Question Mark Suite
The Temple Of The Living God
Another World, Entrance, Inside His Prescence
Fly High
World Without End
Crazy Horses
Sing It High
King Jesus

Neal Morse [2015] The Neal Morse Band - The Grand Experiment

CD 1
Following The Call
The Grand Experiment
Alive Again
CD 2 (Bonus CD)
New Jerusalem (Freedom is Coming) [feat. Mike Portnoy]
Doomsday Destiny (feat. Mike Portnoy)
MacArthur Park (feat. Mike Portnoy)
The Creation (Recorded Live at Morsefest) [feat. Mike Portnoy]
Reunion (Recorded Live at Morsefest) [feat. Mike Portnoy]

Neal Morse [2016] To God Be The Glory

This Is Our God
Welcome To The Kingdom
To God Be The Glory
Jesus Is His Name
Not My Will
Jesus, You Are My Life
The Lion Of Judah
Song For The Seeker
Oh, For A Thousand Tongues

Neal Morse [2016] The Similitude of a Dream

Disco 1
0:00 Long Day
1:44 Overture
7:31 The Dream
10:03 City of Destruction
15:14 We Have Got to Go
17:43 Makes no Sense
21:52 Draw the Line
25:59 The Slough
29:02 Back to the City
33:20 The Ways of a Fool
40:08 So Far Gone
45:32 Breath of Angels
Disco 2
52:21 Slave to Your Mind
58:17 Shortcut to Salvation
1:02:53 The Man in the Iron Cage
1:08:14 The Road Called Home
1:11:24 Sloth
1:17:21 Freedom Song
1:21:19 I'm Running
1:25:04 The Mask
1:29:31 Confrontation
1:33:31 The Battle
1:36:28 Broken Sky/Long Day (Reprise)

Neal Morse [2019] Jesus Christ The Exorcist

Act One
Introduction 2:31
Overture 3:19
Getaway 2:41
Gather The People 5:17
Jesus’ Baptism 3:09
Jesus’ Temptation 10:18
There’s A Highway 4:06
The Woman Of Seven Devils 5:41
Free At Last 5:05
The Madman Of The Gadarenes 7:04
Love Has Called My Name 4:14
Better Weather 1:42
The Keys To The Kingdom 4:48
Get Behind Me Satan 3:23
Act Two
He Must Go To The Cross 3:10
Jerusalem 3:55
Hearts Full Of Holes 3:40
The Last Supper 3:50
Gethsemane 7:39
Jesus Before The Council And Peter’s Denial 3:12
Judas’ Death 3:33
Jesus Before Pilate And The Crucifixion 8:14
Mary At The Tomb 2:45
The Greatest Love Of All 5:00
Love Has Called My Name (Reprise) 1:30

Neal Morse [2019] The Great Adventure

Act I:
Chapter 1 (12:50)
The Dream Isn't Over
Chapter 2 (23:48)
Welcome To The World
Momentary Change
Dark Melody
I Got To Run
To The River
Chapter 3 (17:59)
The Great Adventure
Venture In Black
Hey Ho Let's Go
Beyond The Borders
Act II:
Chapter 4 (18:13)
Overture 2
Long Ago
The Dream Continues
Fighting With Destiny
Vanity Fair
Chapter 5 (30:57)
Welcome To The World 2
The Element Of Fear
Child Of Wonder
The Great Despair
Freedom Calling
A Love That Never Dies

Morse Portnoy George [2020] Cover To Cover Anthology (Vol 1 - 3)

CD 1
Where the Streets Have No Name
Im the Man
What Is Life
Maybe Im Amazed
Day After Day
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Tuesday Afternoon
Cant Find My Way Home
Im Free  Sparks
Where Do the Children Play
Feelin Stronger Everyday
Rock N Roll Suicide
CD 2
[Whats So Funny About] Peace, Love & Understanding
Lido Shuffle
Crazy Horses
Driven to Tears
Come Sail Away
Rikki Dont Lose That Number
Lemons Never Forget
The Letter
I Saw the Light
CD 3
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
Hymn 43
Life on Mars
Baker Street
It Dont Come Easy (cover Version)
Baby Blue
One More Red Nightmare
Black Coffee in Bed
Runnin Down a Dream
Let Love Rule

Neal Morse [2020] Sola Gratia

In The Name Of The Lord
Ballyhoo (The Chosen Ones)
March Of The Pharisees
Building A Wall
Sola Intermezzo
Warmer Than The Sunshine
Never Change
Seemingly Sincere
The Light On The Road To Damascus
The Glory Of The Lord
Now I Can See / The Great Commission

Neal Morse [2021] Innocence And Danger

Do It All Again 8:53
Bird On A Wire 7:23
Your Place In The Sun 4:13
Another Story To Tell 4:50
The Way It Had To Be 7:14
Emergence 3:12
Not Afraid Pt.1 4:54
Bridge Over Troubled Water 8:09
Not Afraid Pt.2 19:30
Beyond The Years (31:23)
Far From Home
The Far That's Always Near
Kings & Queens & Bitter Things
Islands In The Sun
Drifting Through The Years
Watercolor Sky
Worlds Away

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