Robben Ford

Origen - Woodlake, California, Estados Unidos

Género(s) - Blues, Jazz, Fusión, Rock

Robben Ford [1972] Discovering The Blues

Sweet Sixteen
You Drive A Hard Bargain
It's My Own Fault
You Don't Know What Love Is
My Time After Awhile
Raining In My Heart
Blue & Lonesome
Robben Ford [1976] & Jimmy Witherspoon - Live

Low Down Dirty Shame
Goin' Down Slow
Kansas City
Past Forty Blues
Times Are Getting Tough
Outskirts Of Town
S.K. Blues
'round The Clock
Walkin' By Myself
No Rollin' Blues
Robben Ford [1976] Schizophonic

Miss Miss
Ladies' Choice
Hawk's Theme
Low Ride
Stella And Frenchie
Softly Rolling
Robben Ford [1979] The Inside Story

Magic Sam
For The One I Love
North Carolina
There's No One Else
The Inside Story
Need Somebody
Far Away
Tee Time For Eric
Robben Ford [1983] Standing On The Outside

Standing On The Outside
Time Flies
Save Your Nights For Me
Me On The One Side
Wheels Of Love
Tell That Girl
Sunset Memory
Love's A Heartache
Sun Lake
Robben Ford [1988] Talk To Your Daughter

Talk To Your Daughter
Wild About You (Can't Hold Out Much Longer)
Help The Poor
Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues
Born Under A Bad Sign
I Got Over It
Can't Let Her Go
Robben Ford [1996] Blues Connotation

City Life
One Day at a Time
I Could See Forever
Billie's Bounce
I Put a Spell on You
Blues Connotation
Blues Connotation (Reprise)
Robben Ford [1997] Tiger Walk

In The Beginning
Red Lady With Cello
Just Like It Is
I Can't Stand The Rain
The Champ
Tiger Walk
Comin' Up
Robben Ford [1999] Sunrise

Oh Gee
Red Rooster
Eighty One
Ain't Nobody's Business
Blue & Lonesome
Miss Miss
Everyday I Have The Blues
Robben Ford [1999] Supernatural

Let Me In
Nothing To Nobody
Water For The Wicked
Don't Lose Your Faith In Me
Hey, Brother
Deaf, Dumb, And Blind (For O.T
When I Cry Today
You Got Me Knockin'
Lovin' Cup
Robben Ford [2002] Blue Moon

Up the Line
Hard to Please
Don't Deny Your Love
Make Me Your Only One
My Everything
The Way You Treated Me (You're Gonna Be Sorry)
Sometime Love
Good to Love
Something for the Pain
It Don't Make Sense (You Can't Make Peace)
Don't Deny Your Love [Remix]
Robben Ford [2003] Keep On Running

Keep On Running
Over My Head
Peace Love And Understanding
Cannonball Shuffle
Lifetime Thing
Me And My Woman
For The Love Of Money
Hand In Hand With The Blues
Robben Ford [2006] City Life

City Life
One Day At A Time
I Could See Forever
Billie's Bounce
I Put A Spell On You
Blues Connotation
Blues Connotation (Reprise)
Robben Ford [2007] Truth

Lateral Climb
How Deep In the Blues (Do You Want To Go)
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Riley B. King
You're Gonna Need A Friend
One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor
Too Much
Peace On My Mind
There'll Never Be Another You
River Of Soul
Moonchild Blues
Robben Ford [2009] Soul On Ten

There'll Never Be Another You
Nothin' To Nobody
Please Set A Date/You Dn't Have To Go
How Deep In The Blues(Do You Want To Go)
Don't Worry About Me

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