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Ian Anderson

Origen - Dunfermline, Fife, Escocia Reino Unido

Género(s) - Rock progresivo, folk rock, hard rock, blues rock

Ian Anderson [1983] Walk Into Light

Fly By Night 3:57
Made In England 5:02
Walk Into Light 3:15
Trains 3:23
End Game 3:24
Black And White Television 3:40
Toad In The Hole 3:24
Looking For Eden 3:43
User-Friendly 4:03
Different Germany 5:25

Ian Anderson [1995] Divinities, Twelve Dances With God

In A Stone Circle 3:26
In Sight Of The Minaret 3:56
In A Black Box 3:25
In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff 2:49
In Maternal Grace 3:23
In The Moneylender's Temple 3:20
In Defence Of Faiths 3:13
At Their Father's Knee 5:44
En Afrique 2:56
In The Olive Garden 2:51
In The Pay Of Spain 4:06
In The Times Of India (Bombay Valentine) 8:09

Ian Anderson [2000] The Secret Language Of Birds

The Secret Language Of Birds 4:17
The Little Flower Girl 3:37
Montserrat 3:21
Postcard Day 5:07
The Water Carrier 2:56
Set-Aside 1:29
A Better Moon 3:46
Sanctuary 4:42
The Jasmine Corridor 3:54
The Habanero Reel 4:01
Panama Freighter 3:21
The Secret Language Of Birds, Part II 3:06
Boris Dancing 3:07
Circular Breathing 3:45
The Stormont Shuffle 3:20

Ian Anderson [2003] Rupi's Dance

Calliandra Shade (The Cappuccino Song) 5:02
Rupi's Dance 3:00
Lost In Crowds 5:37
A Raft Of Penguins 3:34
A Week Of Moments 4:27
A Hand Of Thumbs 4:02
Eurology 3:14
Old Black Cat 3:40
Photo Shop 3:20
Pigeon Flying Over Berlin Zoo 4:18
Griminelli's Lament 2:56
Not Ralitsa Vassileva 4:45
Two Short Planks 4:00
Birthday Card At Christmas 3:37

Ian Anderson [2005] Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull

Eurology 3:30
Calliandra Shade 5:42
Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day 4:03
Up The Pool 3:22
We Five Kings 3:32
Life Is A Long Song 3:34
In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff 3:02
Wond'ring Aloud 2:11
Griminelli's Lament 3:10
Cheap Day Return 1:27
Mother Goose 5:46
Bourée 5:17
Boris Dancing 3:31
Living In The Past 4:48
Pavane 4:37
Aqualung 10:24
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Traditional) 4:58
My God 8:52
Budapest 14:04
Locomotive Breath 6:42

 Ian Anderson [2009] Best Of Ian Anderson & Jethro Tull

1 Jethro Tull– Living In The Past
2 Jethro Tull– Aqualung
3 Ian Anderson– Boris Dancing
4 Jethro Tull– Locomotive Breath
5 Ian Anderson– In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
6 Ian Anderson– Circular Breathing
7 Ian Anderson– The Habanero Reel
8 Jethro Tull– Cross-Eyed Mary
9 Jethro Tull– Thick As A Brick
10 Jethro Tull– Bouree
11 Jethro Tull– Mother Goose
12 Jethro Tull– My God
13 Jethro Tull– Songs From The Wood
14 Jethro Tull– Wond'ring Aloud
15 Jethro Tull– Hymn 43
16 Ian Anderson– The Stormont Shuffle
17 Ian Anderson– Old Black Cat
18 Ian Anderson– The Secret Language Of Birds, Part II
19 Jethro Tull– Nothing @ All
20 Ian Anderson– In The Olive Garden

Ian Anderson [2012] Thick As a Brick 2

From A Pebble Thrown
Pebbles Instrumental
Upper Sixth Loan Shark
Banker Bets, Banker Wins
Swing It Far
Adrift And Dumfounded
Old School Song
Wootton Bassett Town
Power And Spirit
Give Till It Hurts
Cosy Corner
Shunt And Shuffle
A Change Of Horses
Kismet In Suburbia
What-Ifs, Maybes, Might-Have-Beens

 Ian Anderson [2014] Homo Erraticus

Doggerland 4:19
Heavy Metals 1:32
Enter The Uninvited 4:12
Puer Ferox Adventus 7:11
Meliora Sequamur 3:34
The Turnpike Inn 3:06
The Engineer 3:12
The Pax Britannica 3:05
Tripudium Ad Bellum 2:50
After These Wars 4:29
New Blood, Old Veins 2:32
In For A Pound 0:37
The Browning Of The Green 4:05
Per Errationes Ad Astra 1:34
Cold Dead Reckoning 5:27

Ian Anderson [2017] Jethro tull - The String Quartets

In The Past (Living In The Past)
Sossity Waiting (Sossity, You're A Woman/Reasons For Waiting)
Bungle (Bungle In The Jungle)
Ring Out These Bells (Ring Out, Solstice Bells)
Farm, The Fourway (Farm On The Freeway)
We Used To Bach (We Used To Know/Bach Prelude C Major)
Velvet Gold (Velvet Green) 4:07
Pass The Bottle (A Christmas Song)
Loco (Locomotive Breath)
Only The Giving (Wond'ring Aloud)
Songs And Horses (Songs From The Wood/Heavy Horses) 3:53
Aquafugue (Aqualung)

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