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Mike Tramp

Origen - Copenhague, Dinamarca

Género - Rock, Glam metal 

Mike Tramp [1997] Leftovers

Take A Little Time
Fears Of Yesterday
Just A Dream

Mike Tramp [1998] Capricorn

Already Gone
If I Live Tomorrow
Here I Don't Belong
Heart Of Every Woman
Have You Ever
Better Off
Had I Not Complained
Running Out Of Life
Wait Not For Me
Love Will Come And Go

Mike Tramp [1999] Remembering White Lion

All The Fallen Men
War Song
El Salvador
Little Fighter
When The Children Cry
Fight To Survive
Living On The Edge
She's Got Everything
Lonely Nights
Broken Home
Till Death Do Us Part

Mike Tramp [2002] Living A Lie

Living A Lie 3:25
Mr. Death 3:44
Medley Promo 5:50

Mike Tramp [2002] Recovering The Wasted Years

Falling Down 5:51
Living A Lie 3:29
Mr. Death 3:46
If It Ain't Gonna Rock 4:44
All Up To You 4:02
Endless Highway 4:40
Darkness 5:58
Follow Your Dreams 5:05
Do It All Over 3:32
Take It Easy 3:43
Don't Take My Rock 'N' Roll 2:21
Always Tomorrow 3:54

Mike Tramp [2003] More To Life Than This

More To Life Than This
Lay Down My Life For You
Don't Want To Say Good Night
Nothing At All
Day By Day
Live For Today
Back From The Dead
I Won't Let Go
Goodbye Song
The Good The Sad And The Ugly

Mike Tramp [2003] Rock 'N' Roll Alive

Live For Today
If It Ain't Gonna Rock
Living On The Edge
Lay Down My Life For You
Better Off
Broken Heart
Follow Your Dreams
Falling Down
Little Fighter
Living A Lie
What Am I
Nothing At All
I Won't Let Go
More To Life Than This
When The Children Cry
Rocking In The Free World

Mike Tramp [2004] Songs I Left Behind

Sometimes 3:47
Do I While You Can 3:28
Over And Out 3:00
Love Won't Wait On Me 4:02
If I Was Real 3:17
One For Anger, Two For Pain 4:52
Before The Night 4:24
I Won't Walk Away 4:58
Show Me 3:44
I'll Be There 3:44
I Don't Believe Anymore 4:46
What If I 3:16
Love Me Somebody 3:04
Think About The Times 4:35
Falling Down 3:49
Darkness 4:19

Mike Tramp [2009] Mike Tramp & The Rock'n'Roll Circuz

Enter The Circuz 1:03
All Of My Life 6:46
Back To You 3:46
Come On 3:57
Anymore 4:50
Highway 5:17
No Tomorrow 4:43
The Road 4:43
Sunshine 4:04
Between Good'n'Bad 4:03
Wiseman 3:52
When She Cries 4:46
Lay Down Your Guns 6:13

Mike Tramp [2011] Stand Your Ground

Don't Let Them Put It On You
Alright By Me
Gotta Get Away
Straight From The Look In My Eyes
Got Me Crazy
Wish You Well
The World Is Changing
Prettiest Girl
Say What You Will
The Soldier Never Started A War

Mike Tramp [2013] Cobblestone Street

Cobblestone Street
Caught In The Storm
New Day
Ain't The Life I Asked For
We'll Be Alright
Angel Or Devil
Find It In Your Heart
What Are You Gonna Do

Mike Tramp [2014] Museum

Trust In Yourself 5:07
New World Coming 4:40
Down South 4:06
Better 4:25
Freedom 4:18
Commitment 4:13
And You Were Gone 4:08
Slave 3:53
Mother 4:03
Time For Me To Go 5:20

Mike Tramp [2015] Nomad

Give It All You Got 4:08
Wait Till Forever 4:40
Counting The Hours 5:08
Bow And Obey 4:47
High Like A Mountain 4:58
No More 3:29
Stay 4:18
Who Can You Believe 4:17
Live To Tell 4:48
Moving On 4:59

Mike Tramp [2017] Maybe Tomorrow

Coming Home 6:35
It's Not How We Do It 4:45
Spring 4:39
Would I Lie To You 4:35
Rust And Dust 5:44
Leaving One Day 4:36
Time And Peace 4:38
What More Can I Say 4:48
Why Even Worry At All 4:43
Maybe Tomorrow 6:04

Mike Tramp [2017] This & That (But A Whole Lot More)

CD 1 - Demos 1995-1997

Here I Don't Belong
I Got You Running
Wait Not For Me
I Believe In Me
Love Will Come And Go
Ain't Waiting For Tomorrow
Have You Ever
Not The Only One
More Than Nothing
Had I Not Complained
Take A Little Time
Heart Of Every Woman
Better Man
Ain't Ready To Let You Go
Just A Dream

CD 2 - Demos 1998-2002

Mr. Death
Gonna Bring You Down
Don't Know Anymore
Don't Take My Rock 'N' Roll
Why Did I Deny It
Mother Earth
Endless Highway
Mother's Instinct
Good, Sad & Ugly
Lay Down My Life For You
Live For Today
Nothing At All
Don't Want To Say Goodnight
I Won't Let Go
The Way It Was Before
More To Life Than This

CD 3 - Freak Of Nature 1st Album Demos

Turn The Other Way
World Doesn't Mind
What Am I
Ready To Go
Can't Find My Way
Rescue Me
Where Can I Go
If I Leave
Love Was Here

CD 4 - Band Of Brothers (Tour Rehearsal)

Work It All Out
Lady Of The Valley
Trust In Yourself
Little Fighter
Broken Heart
What Am I
Tell Me
When The Children Cry
Radar Love

CD 5 - Assorted Flavours

The Road
The Way It Was Before
Wait Not For Me
Till Death Do Us Part
Hymn For Ronnie
When The Children Cry
The Spy

Mike Tramp [2019] Stray From The Flock

No End To War
Dead End Ride
You Ain't Free Anymore
No Closure
One Last Mission
Live It Out
Best Days Of My Life
Die With A Smile On Your Face

Mike Tramp [2020] Second Time Around

All Of My Life
The Road
Come On
Between Good & Bad
Lay Down Your Guns
No Tomorrow
Back To You
When She Cries

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