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Mad Max


Origen - Münster, Alemania

Genero(s) - Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Mad Max [1982]

Free Will 3:19
Night Train To Paris 3:25
Can't Live Without You 3:20
Hard Days Lonely Nights 3:55
Shake Some Action 3:30
Working Overtime 4:28
No Remedies 4:08
Barbarians 2:43
Wheel Of Fortune 5:18

Mad Max [1984] Rollin' Thunder

Fly, Fly Away 4:18
Evil Message 3:46
Losing You 4:08
Stranger 4:41
Yours Sincerely 2:22
Shout And Cry 5:12
Rollin' Thunder 4:20
Riding Through The Night 4:13
Thoughts Of A Dying Man 6:07

Mad Max [1985] Stormchild

Never Say Never 3:14
Run For The Night 4:19
Lonely Is The Hunter 5:14
Stormchild 3:44
Love Chains 3:13
Return Of The Hunter 1:48
Rollin' The Dice 3:08
Restless Survivor 3:42
Heroes Die Lonely 3:31
Voices In The Night 5:36

Mad Max [1987] Night Of Passion

Burning The Stage 5:19
Wait For The Night 4:03
R.I.P. 0:59
Dive Through The Sky 3:08
Wild And Seventeen 4:07
Hearts On Fire 5:03
Love Loaded 4:00
Night Of Passion 3:35
Starcrossed Lovers 3:16
Fox On The Run 3:13

Mad Max [1999] Never Say Never

Criminal Religion
Neverending Nightmare
Mister Cool
Nowhere Town
Never Say Never
Then Sleep
Dead And Gone
Hearts On Fire
Brand New World

Mad Max [2006] Night Of The White Rock

To Hell And Back Again
Losin' It
Hope To See You
Raise Your Voice
Upon My Soul
Bad Day In Heaven
Night Of White Rock
(Just A) Melody

Mad Max [2007] White Sands

Family Of Rock
Little Princess
Heaven Is...
Someone Like You
We Fight In White
Change It
Glorious Night
Too Wrong
Shine On You

Mad Max [2008] Here We Are

Caravan 4:09
Where The Winds Blow 3:29
Here We Are 3:41
Higher And Higher 3:41
Down To Babylon 3:47
Love Walks Lonely 4:44
Stop One Minute 3:51
How Deep 4:02
Don't Talk It Over 3:34
All Of My Heart 3:27
Mad Gone Blind 4:11
Keep You Alive 4:05
High On Wheels 3:38
Say Goodbye To Hollywood 5:38

Mad Max [2010] Welcome America

Welcome America
Big Wheel
Someone Not Me
All I Ever Want
Cherry Moon
Pinky Promise
Shape Of Your Heart
My Heart's Been Waiting
This Means Nothin'

Mad Max [2012] Another Night Of Passion

Rocklahoma 4:38
40 Rock 4:23
Metal Edge 3:58
You Decide 3:53
Welcome To Rock Bottom 3:51
Fallen From Grace 5:15
Black Swan 5:05
Back And Alive 3:22
The Chant 4:56
Fever Of Love 4:09
True Blue 2:51

Mad Max [2013] Interceptor

Save Me 4:40
Godzilla 4:30
Sons Of Anarchy 4:40
Rock All Your Life 3:20
Five Minute Warning 5:20
Bring On The Night 4:02
Streets Of Tokyo 3:32
Show No Mercy 5:08
Revolution 4:14
Turn It Down 3:38

Mad Max [2018] 35

The Hutch (Intro) 1:07
Running To Paradise 4:25
Beat Of The Heart 3:30
D.A.M.N 4:45
Snowdance 4:13
Thirty 5 4:02
Already Gone 3:44
False Freedom 4:50
Goodbye To You 4:18
Rocky Road 6:32
Paris Is Burning

Mad Max [2020] Stormchild Rising

Talk To The Moon
Eyes Of Love
Ladies And Gentlemen
Rain Rain
Kingdom Fall
The Blues Ain't No Stranger
Take Her
Ladies and Gentlemen (Single Edit)

Mad Max [2022] Wings of Time

Too Hot To Handle 4:11
Days Of Passion 4:55
A Woman Like That 3:13
Best Part Of Me 3:00
Rock Solid 3:20
The Stage Is For You 3:59
When It Stops 3:59
Stormchild Rising 4:03
Heroes Never Die 4:21
Miss Sacrifice 4:40
Freedom 3:15

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