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Steel Panther


Origen - Los Angeles, California, Estados Unidos

Genero - Hard rock, glam metal, heavy metal, freak metal

Steel Panther [2003] Hole Patrol

Satan's intro
Big boobs
Is it hot in here
Hell's on fire
Fat girl (thar she blows)
Michael falls in love
Stripper girl
Ginger pusses out
Cleveland roxx
Metal shop (Bonus Track)
Steel Panther [2009] Feel The Steel

Death To All But Metal
Asian Hooker
Community Property
Eyes Of A Panther
Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
Party All Day
Turn Out The Lights
Stripper Girl
The Shocker
Girl From Oklahoma
Hell's On Fire
Steel Panther [2011] Balls Out

In The Future
Supersonic Sex Machine
Just Like Tiger Woods
17 Girls In A Row
If You Really Really Love Me
It Won't Suck Itself
Tomorrow Night
Why Cant You Trust Me
That's What Girls Are For
Gold Digging Whore
I Like Drugs
Let Me Cum In
Weenie Ride
Do You Wanna Do Me (Bonus Track)
Handicap Slut (Bonus Track)
Steel Panther [2014] All You Can Eat

Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
Bukakke Tears
Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
Ten Strikes You're Out
The Burden Of Being Wonderful
Fucking My Heart In The Ass
You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk
If I Was The King
She's On The Rag
Steel Panther [2017] Lower The Bar

Goin' In The Backdoor
Anything Goes
Poontang Boomerang
That's When You Came In
Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Out In Beverly Hills)
Now The Fun Starts
Pussy Ain't Free
Wasted Too Much Time
I Got What You Want
Walk Of Shame
She's Tight
Red Headed Step Child
Momentary Epiphany
Steel Panther [2019] Heavy Metal Rules

All I Wanna Do is Fuck (Myself Tonight)
Let's Get High Tonight
Always Gonna Be a Ho
I'm Not Your Bitch
Fuck Everybody
Heavy Metal Rules
Sneaky Little Bitch
Gods of Pussy
I Ain't Buying What You're Selling

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