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Tangerine Dream

Origen - Berlín, Alemania

Género(s) - Música electrónica, Krautrock, Ambient, Space rock, Rock progresivo

Biografia -

Tangerine Dream - Live At The Tempodrome Berlin [2006]

Tangerine Dream [1970] Electronic Meditation

Journey Through A Burning Brai
Cold Smoke
Ashes To Ashes
Tangerine Dream [1971] Alpha Centauri

Sunrise In The Third System
Fly And Collision Of Coma Sola
Alpha Centauri
Tangerine Dream [1972] Zeit

Birth of Liquid Plejades
Nebulous Dawn
Origin of Supernatural Probabi
Tangerine Dream [1973] Atem

Fauni Gena
Circulation Of Events
Tangerine Dream [1974] Phaedra

Mysterious Semblance At The St
Movements Of A Visionary
Sequent C'
Tangerine Dream [1975] Rubycon

Rubycon Part One
Rubycon Part Two
Tangerine Dream [1976] Stratosfear

The Big Sleep In Search Of Had
3AM At The Border Of The Marsh
Invisible Limits
Tangerine Dream [1978] Cyclone

Bent Cold Sidewalk
Rising Runner Missed By Endles
Madrigal Meridian
Tangerine Dream [1979] Force Majeure

Force Majeure
Cloudburst Flight
Thru Metamorphic Rocks
 Tangerine Dream [1980] Tangram

Tangram Set 1
Tangram Set 2
Tangerine Dream [1981] Exit

Kiew Mission
Pilots Of Purple Twilight
Network 23
Remote Viewing
Tangerine Dream [1982] White Eagle

Mojave Plan
Midnight In Tula
Convention Of The 24
White Eagle
Tangerine Dream [1983] Hyperborea

No Man's Land
Cinnamon Road
Sphinx Lightning
Tangerine Dream [1984] Poland, The Warsaw Concert

Tangerine Dream [1985] Le Parc

Bois de Boulogne (Paris)
Central Park (New York)
Gaudi Park (Guell Garden Barce
Tiergarten (Berlin)
Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyo
Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk)
Hyde Park (London)
The Cliffs of Sydney (Sydney)
Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mounta
Tangerine Dream [1986] Green Desert

Green Desert
White Clouds
Astral Voyager
Indian Summer
Tangerine Dream [1986] Underwater Sunlight

Song Of The Whale Part One: Fr
Song Of The Whale Part Two: ..
Dolphin Dance
Ride On The Ray
Scuba Scuba
Underwater Twilight
Tangerine Dream [1987] Tyger

Alchemy Of The Heart
21st Century Common Man 
Tangerine Dream [1988] Optical Race

Atlas Eyes
Mothers Of Rain
Twin Soul Tribe
Optical Race
Cat Scan
Sun Gate
Turning Off The Wheel
The Midnight Trail
Ghazal (Love Song)
Tangerine Dream [1989] Lily On The Beach

Too Hot For My Chinchilla
Lily On The Beach
Alaskan Summer
Desert Drive
Mount Shasta
Crystal Curfew
Paradise Cove
Twenty-Nine Palms
Valley Of The Kings
Radio City
Blue Mango Cafe
Long Island Sunset
Tangerine Dream [1990] Melrose

Three Bikes In The Sky
Dolls In The Shadow
Electric Lion
Rolling Down Cahuenga
Art Of Vision
Desert Train
Cool At Heart
Tangerine Dream [1991] From Dawn 'Til Dusk

Song Of The Whale (Part 1: Fro
Song Of The Whale (Part 2: Fro
Bois De Boulogne
Ride On The Ray
Le Parc
Live Miles (Extract)
Central Park
Tangerine Dream [1992] Quinoa

Voxel Ux
Tangerine Dream [1992] Rockoon

Big City Dwarves
Red Roadster
Graffiti Street
Funky Atlanta
Spanish Love
Lifted Veil
Penguin Reference
Body Corporate
Girls On Broadway
Tangerine Dream [1992] The Private Music Of Tangerine Dream

Too Hot For My Chinchilla
Long Island Sunset
Atlas Eyes
Sun Gate
Rolling Down Cahuenga
Three Bikes In The Sky
After The Call
Electric Lion
Dolls In The Shadow
Beaver Town
Roaring Of The Bliss
Tangerine Dream [1994] Turn Of The Tides

Pictures At An Exhibition
Galley Slave's Horizon
Death Of A Nightingale
Twilight Brigade
Jungle Journey
Midwinter Night
Turn Of The Tides
Tangerine Dream [1995] Tyranny Of Beauty

Birdwatchers Dream
Little Blonde In The Park Of A
Living In A Fountain Pen
Stratosfear 1994
Bride In Cold Tears
Haze Of Fame
Tyranny Of Beauty
Tangerine Dream [1996] Goblins Club

Towards The Evening Star
At Darwin's Motel
On Cranes' Passage
Rising Haul In Silence
United Goblins' Parade
Lamb With Radar Eyes
Elf June And The Midnight Patr
Sad Merlin's Sunday
Tangerine Dream [1997] Ambient Monkeys

Token from Birdland
Symphony in A-minor
The Seventh Propeller of Silen
Calyx Calamander
Riddle of the Monkey Tribe
Moon Marble
Concerto in A-major/adagio
Lemon Vendor Khaly
Campera de Mon Glyan
Virtue is its own Reward
Pantha Rhei
Myopia World
Tangerine Dream [1999] Mars Polaris

Comet's Figure Head
Rim of Schiaparelli
Pilots of the Ether Belt
Deep Space Cruiser
Outland (The Colony)
Spiral Star Date (Level P)
Mars Mission Counter
Tharsis Maneuver
Dies Martis (TransMercury)
Tangerine Dream [2000] Tang-Go

Ca Va-Ca Marche-Ca Ira Encore
Velvet Sun
Pixel Pirates
Time Square
Beach Theme
Jungle Journey
Mothers of Rain
Russian Soul
Meng Tian
Towards the Evening Star
Ulan Ude
Walking with a Mandarin
Bride in Cold Tears
Lifted Veil
Spiral Star Date
Too Hot For My Cinchilla
Little Blonde in the Park of A
Three Bikes in the Sky
Tangerine Dream [2000] The Seven Letters From Tibet

The Red Blood Connection
The Orange Breath
The Golden Heart
The Green Land
The Blue Pearl
The Indigo Clouds
The Purple Of All Curtains
Tangerine Dream [2003] Dream Mixes 4

Losing The Perspective
World Of The Day
Perplex Parts
Cosmic Merriment
Rebound 03
Floating Higher
From Kiev With Love
Meta Morph Magic
The Metropolitan Sphere
A Nautical Night
Tangerine Dream [2004] Purgatorio

Above The Great Dry Land
The Glowing Zodiac Wheel
Chasing The Bad Seed
Modern Cave Men
Slave To The Gods
Death Of Medusa
Hope And Glory
Blinded By The World's Desire
Sun Son's Seal, Pt. 1
Sun Son's Seal, Pt. 2
Beyond All Suns
All The Steps To Heaven
Till The End Of Silence
Prison And Paradise
Mountain Of Destiny
Spirit Spiral
Tangerine Dream [2005] Jeanne D'Arc

La Vision
La Joie
La Force du Courage
La Solitude dans l'Espoir
La Marche
La Sagesse du Destin
Le Combat du Sang
Le Combat des Epees
La Liberation
Tangerine Dream [2005] Phaedra

Mysterious Semblance At The St
Tangerine Dream [2006] Blue Dawn

Where Dreams are Large and Air
Riding the Wind
Eagle's Crest
Food for the Gods
Without a Bad Conscience
Cardamom Route
A World Away from Gagaland
Native Companions
Blue Dawn
Tangerine Dream [2006] Plays Tangerine Dream

Southpole Crossing
Logos Blue
Alchemy Of The Heart Ii
Beach Theme
Phaedra 2005
Desert T. Dream
Convention Of The 24
The Blue Bridge
Ride On A Ray
Logos Velvet
Challengers Arrival
Sphinx Red Lightning
Pergamon Sphere
Loved By The Sun
Tangerine Dream [2007] Madcap's Flaming Duty

Astrophel And Stella
Shape My Sin
Blessed Damozel
Dream Of Death
Hear The Voice
Lake Of Pontchartrain
Mad Song
One Hour Of Madness
Hymn To Intellectual Beauty
Solution Of All Problems
Tangerine Dream [2007] Tangines Scales

After The Call
Horizon (Warsaw Gate Mix)
House Of The Rising Sun (South
Livemiles (Morning Glow Mix)
Storm Seekers/Cool Shibuya
Story Of The Brave (Vienna Mix
Sungate (Red Rock Version)
Teetering Scale
Underwater Sunlight
Tangerine Dream [2008] Autumn In Hiroshima

Awareness (1St Teaching)
Novice (2Nd Teaching)
Strange Voices
Fathom (3Rd Teaching)
Oracular World (4Th Teaching)
Remembering Ayumi
Mellow Submersion (5Th Teachin
Answers (6Th Teaching)
Touching Truth
Insight (7Th Teaching)
Omniscience (8Th Teaching)
Nothing And All
Tangerine Dream [2008] Hyperborea

No Man's Land
Hyperborea Part 1
Hyperborea Part 2
Cinnamon Road
Sphinx Lightning
Tangerine Dream [2008] Tangram

Wisdom And Tragedy (Episode 1)
Dragon In The House (Episode 2
Wu Wei (Epsiode 3)
Leaving The Masters For Good (Epsiode 4)
Point Of No Return (Epsiode 5)
Dream Puzzle (Epside 6)
Terra Coda (Episode 7)
Tangerine Dream [2009] Flame

Synth Affection
Pier 54
Lord Nelson
Ca Va - Ca Marche - Ca Ira Enc
Ride On The Ray (Atlantic Ocean)
Peddington At Five
Morning Star

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