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Origen - Agoura Hills, California, Estados Unidos

Género(s) - Post-Grunge, Rock Alternativo, Metal Alternativo, Hard Rock, Nu Metal

Hoobastank [2001] Hoobastank

Crawling in the Dark
Remember Me
Running Away
Let You Know
Ready for You
Up and Gone
Too Little Too Late
Hello Again
To Be With You
Give It Back

Hoobastank [2003] The Reason

Same Direction
Out Of Control
What Happened To Us?
Just One
From The Heart
The Reason
Let It Out
Never There

Hoobastank [2006] Every Man For Himself

The Rules
Born To Lead
Moving Forward
Inside Of You
The First Of Me
Good Enough
If I Were You
Without A Fight
Don't Tell Me
Look Where We Are
Say The Same
If Only
More Than A Memory
Finally Awake (Bonus Track)
Waiting (Bonus Track)
Face The Music (iTunes Pre-Order Bonus Track)

Hoobastank [2009] Fornever

My Turn
I Don't Think I Love You
So Close, So Far
All About You
The Letter
Tears Of Yesterday
Sick Of Hanging On
You're The One 
Who The Hell Am I?
You Need To Be Here 
Gone Gone Gone 

Hoobastank [2012] Fight or Flight

This Is Gonna Hurt
You Before Me
The Fallen
Can You Save Me?
No Destination
Slow Down
No Win Situation
Sing What You Can't Say
A Thousand Words
The Pressure

Hoobastank [2018] Push Pull

Don’t Look Away
Push Pull
More Beautiful
Head over Heels
True Believer
Just Let Go (Who Cares If We Fall)
Better Left Unsaid
We Don’t Need the World
Buzzkill (Before You Say Goodbye)
Fallen Star
There Will Never Be Another One

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