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Origen - Colonia, Alemania

Géneros - Rock Progresivo, Rock Sinfónico

Triumvirat - 1972 - Mediterranean Tales (Across The Water)

Across The Waters
Eleven Kids
E Minor 5/9 Minor 5
Broken Mirror
Be Home For Tea
Broken Mirror
Ride In The Night
Sing Me A Song
Triumvirat - 1974 - Illusions On A Double Dimple

Illusions On A Double Dimple
Mister Ten Percent
Dancer's Delight
Dimplicity (Edit)
Million Dollars (Edit)
Triumvirat - 1975 - Spartacus

The Capital Of Power
The School Of Instant Pain: A)Proclamation B)The Gladiator's Song C)Roman Entertainment D)The Battle
The Walls Of Doom
The Deadly Dream Of Freedom
The Hazy Shades Of Dawn
The Burning Sword Of Capua
The Sweetest Sound Of Liberty
The March To The Eternal City
Spartacus: A) The Superior Force Of Rome B) A Broken Dream C) The Finale
The Capital Of Power (Live) (Bonus)
Showstopper (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus)
Triumvirat - 1976 - Old Loves Die Hard

I Believe
A Day In A Life
The History Of Mystery - Part 1
The History Of Mystery - Part 2
A Cold Old Worried Lady
Panic On 5th Avenue
Old Loves Die Hard
Take A Break Today (7" Single)
Triumvirat - 1977 - Pompeii

Earthquake 62 A.D.
Journey Of A Fallen Angel
Viva Pompeii
Time Of Your Life... (?)
Rich Man And The Carpenter
Dance On The Volcano
Vesuvius 79 A.D.
Triumvirat - 1978 - A La Carte

Late Again
Jo Ann Walker
For You
I Don't Even Know Your Name
A Bavarian In New York
Original Soundtrack From The Movie "O.C.S.I.D."
Waterfall (Edit - 7" Single)
Jo Ann Walker (Edit - 7" Single)
Triumvirat - 1980 - Russian Roulette

Party Life
You Can't Catch Me
Come With Me
The Ballad Of Rudy Torner
We're Rich On What We've Got
Rien Ne Va Plus
Russian Roulette
The Ballad Of Rudy Torner (English Intro)

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  Origen -  Estocolmo, Suecia. Genero -  Folk metal, Jazz fusión, Metal progresivo, Hevy Metal, Death metal, Black metal Biografia  OPETH [1...