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Skid Row

Origen - Nueva Jersey, Unidos Estados Unidos

Género(s) - Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam

Skid Row [1989] Liv e Milton Keynes Boul

Makin' A Mess
Piece Of Me
Big Guns
I Remember You
Sweet Little Sister
Rattlesnake Shake
18 And Life
Here I Am
Holidays In The Sun
Youth Gone Wild

Skid Row [1989] Skid Row

Big Guns 3:36
Sweet Little Sister 3:10
Can't Stand The Heartache 3:24
Piece Of Me 2:48
18 And Life 3:50
Rattlesnake Shake 3:07
Youth Gone Wild 3:18
Here I Am 3:10
Makin' A Mess 3:38
I Remember You 5:10
Midnight / Tornado

Skid Row [1991] Slave To The Grind

Monkey Business 4:18
Slave To The Grind 3:29
The Threat 3:50
Quicksand Jesus 5:26
Psycho Love 3:57
Get The Fuck Out 2:42
Livin' On A Chain Gang 3:58
Creepshow 3:58
In A Darkened Room 3:55
Riot Act 2:40
Mudkicker 3:53
Wasted Time 5:48

Skid Row [1995] Subhuman Race

My Enemy 3:38
Firesign 4:54
Bonehead 2:16
Beat Yourself Blind 5:02
Eileen 5:36
Remains To Be Seen 3:34
Subhuman Race 2:40
Frozen 4:43
Into Another 4:02
Face Against My Soul 4:20
Medicine Jar 3:36
Breakin' Down 4:30
Iron Will 7:43

Skid Row [2003] Thickskin

New Generation 3:18
Ghost 3:53
Swallow Me (The Real You) 3:38
Born A Beggar 4:27
Thick Is The Skin 3:47
See You Around 4:18
Mouth Of Voodoo 4:26
One Light 4:07
I Remember You Two 3:20
Lamb 3:40
Down From Underground 4:35
Hittin' A Wall 3:06

Skid Row [2006] Revolutions Per Minute

Disease 3:32
Another Dick In The System 3:16
Pulling My Heart Out From Under Me 3:29
When God Can't Wait 2:15
Shut Up Baby, I Love You 3:16
Strength 5:06
White Trash 2:53
You Lie 2:44
Nothing 3:29
Love Is Dead 3:38
Let It Ride 4:02
Bonus Track
You Lie (Corn Fed Mix) 2:42

Skid Row [2013] United World Rebellion - Chapter One

Kings Of Demolition
Let's Go
This Is Killing Me
Get Up
Bonus Tracks
Fire Fire(Ezo Cover)
United(Judas Priest Cover)

Skid Row [2014] Rise Of The Damnation Army (United World Rebellion Chapter 2)

We Are The Damned 4:21
Give It The Gun 3:44
Catch Your Fall 4:18
Damnation Army 3:53
Zero Day 4:35
Bonus Tracks:
Sheer Heart Attack 3:25
Rats In The Cellar 4:19

Skid Row [2022] The Gang's All Here

Hell Or High Water
The Gang's All Here
Not Dead Yet
Time Bomb
Nowhere Fast
When The Lights Come On
Tear It Down
October's Song
World On Fire

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