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Origen - San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos

Género(s) - Rock


Starship [1985] Knee Deep In The Hoopla

We Built This City 4:53
Sara 4:48
Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight 3:41
Rock Myself To Sleep 3:24
Desperate Heart 4:04
Private Room 4:51
Before I Go 5:30
Hearts Of The World (Will Understand) 4:21
Love Rusts 4:57

Starship [1987] No Protection

Beat Patrol 4:25
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now 4:29
It's Not Over ('Til It's Over) 4:18
Girls Like You 4:15
Wings Of A Lie 4:57
The Children 5:40
I Don't Know Why 4:15
Transatlantic 4:05
Babylon 4:30
Set The Night To Music 4:40

Starship [1989] Love Among The Cannibals

The Burn 4:24
It's Not Enough 4:51
Trouble In Mind 4:35
I Didn't Mean To Stay All Night 4:51
Send A Message 4:50
Love Among The Cannibals 3:43
We Dream In Color 6:27
Healing Waters 4:57
Blaze Of Love 4:34
I'll Be There 5:31

Starship [2013] Loveless Fascination

It's Not The Same As Love 4:52
How Do You Sleep? 4:28
Loveless Fascination 3:38
What Did I Ever Do? 4:54
Technicolor Black And White 5:08
Where Did We Go Wrong? 4:49
How Will I Get By? 4:33
You Never Know 4:33
You Deny Me 4:18
Nothin' Can Keep Me From You 5:31

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