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Origen - Wakefield, Inglaterra

Genero - Hard Rock, Boogie Rock, Heavy Metal

Vardis [1980] 100 M.P.H

Out Of The Way
Move Along
The Lion's Share
Situation Negative
The Loser
Living Out Of Touch
Let's Go
100 M.P.H.
Dirty Money
If I Were King

Vardis [1981] The World's Insane

Power Under Foot 2:45
Money Grabber 3:22
The World's Insane 3:47
Blue Rock (I Miss You) 4:29
Silver Machine
Police Patrol 4:19
All You'll Ever Need 4:27
Curse The Gods 2:33
Love Is Dead 2:43
Steamin' Along 4:17

Vardis [1982] Quo Vardis

Do I Stand Accused?
Where There's Mods There's Rockers
Please Do
Dream With Me
Gary Glitter Part One
To Be With You
Together Tonight
Boogie Blitz (Inspired By Griff & Smig)
The Plot To Rock The World

Vardis [1986] Vigilante

Don't Mess With The Best ('Cos The Best Don't Mess)
Radio Rockers
Learn How To Shoot Straight
All The World's Eyes
I Wanna Be A Guitar Hero (Just For You)
Bad Company (The Contract)
I Must Be Mad
Wild Sound

Vardis [2016] Red Eye

Red Eye
Paranoia Strikes
I Need You Now
The Knowledge
Lightning Man
Back To School
Jolly Roger
Head Of The Nail
Hold Me
200 M.P.H.


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