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Night Ranger


Origen - San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos

Genero(s) - Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Night Ranger [1982] Dawn Patrol 

Don't Tell Me You Love Me 4:19
Sing Me Away 4:09
At Night She Sleeps 4:08
Call My Name 3:42
Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight 4:26
Can't Find Me A Thrill 3:19
Young Girl In Love 3:32
Play Rough 4:14
Penny 3:47
Night Ranger 4:22

Night Ranger [1983] Midnight Madness

(You Can Still) Rock In America 4:14
Rumours In The Air 4:31
Why Does Love Have To Change 3:47
Sister Christian 4:59
Touch Of Madness 4:58
Passion Play 4:41
When You Close Your Eyes 4:16
Chippin' Away 4:10
Let Him Run 3:20

Night Ranger [1985] 7 Wishes

Seven Wishes 4:52
Faces 4:10
Four In The Morning 3:52
I Need A Woman 4:37
Sentimental Street 4:10
This Boy Needs To Rock 3:57
I Will Follow You 4:13
Interstate Love Affair 3:15
Night Machine 4:30
Goodbye 4:20

Night Ranger [1987] Big Life

Big Life 5:16
Color Of Your Smile 4:13
Love Is Standing Near 4:24
Rain Comes Crashing Down 5:56
The Secret Of My Success 4:26
Carry On 4:19
Better Let It Go 4:40
I Know Tonight 4:03
Hearts Away 4:58

Night Ranger [1988] Man In Motion

Man In Motion
Reason To Be
Don't Start Thinking (I'm Alone Tonight)
Love Shot Me Down
Restless Kind
Halfway To The Sun
Here She Comes Again
Right On You
Kiss Me Where It Hurts
I Did It For Love
Woman In Love

Night Ranger [1989] Greatest Hits

(You Can Still) Rock In America
Sing Me Away
When You Close Your Eyes
Sister Christian
Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Sentimental Street
The Secret Of My Success
Restless Kind
Four In The Morning

Night Ranger [1995] Feeding Off The Mojo

Mojo 4:11
Last Chance 5:04
Try (For Good Reason) 3:56
Precious Time 4:40
The Night Has A Way 4:50
Do You Feel Like I Do / Tomorrow Never Knows 4:53
Music Box 5:38
Longest Days 5:00
Tell Me I'm Wrong 4:36
So Far Gone 5:14

Night Ranger [1997] Neverland

Forever All Over Again 4:59
Neverland 3:41
As Always I Remain 4:33
Someday I Will 4:16
My Elusive Mind 3:56
New York Time 4:40
Walk In The Future 4:01
Sunday Morning 3:57
Slap Like Being Born 4:55
Anything For You 4:29
I Don't Call This Love 4:09

Night Ranger [1997] New York Time (EP)

New York Time
Walk In The Future
Don't Tell Me You Love Me '97
(You Can Still) Rock In America '97 (Karaoke Version)

Night Ranger [1998] Seven

Sign Of The Times
Jane's Interlude
Panic In Jane
Don't Ask Me Why
Mother Mayhem
Soul Survivor
Sea Of Love
Peace Sign
When I Call On You

Night Ranger [2007] Hole In The Sun

Tell Your Vision 4:58
Drama Queen 3:57
You're Gonna Hear From Me 3:51
Whatever Happened 3:43
There Is Life 5:32
Rockstar 4:18
Hole In The Sun 4:48
Fool In Me 4:11
White Knuckle Ride 4:14
Revelation 4 Am 4:53
Wrap It Up 4:18
Being 4:45

Night Ranger [2011] Somewhere In California

Growin' Up In California 4:28
Lay It On Me 4:36
Bye Bye Baby (Not Tonight) 4:33
Follow Your Heart 6:50
Time Of Our Lives 5:20
No Time To Lose 4:28
Live For Today 6:04
It's Not Over 4:35
End Of The Day 4:09
Rock N' Roll Tonite 4:10
Say It WIth Love 5:28
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 4:13

Night Ranger [2014] High Road

High Road 3:55
Knock Knock Never Stop 3:42
Rollin' On 4:45
Don't Live Here Anymore 5:40
I'm Coming Home 4:51
X Generation 4:56
Only For You 4:39
Hang On 5:39
St. Bartholomew 4:27
Brothers 4:30
L.A. No Name 4:26

Night Ranger [2017] Don't Let Up

Somehow Someway 4:41
Running Out Of Time 4:26
Truth 4:27
Day And Night 5:22
Don’t Let Up 4:20
(Won’t Be Your) Fool Again 5:20
Say What You Want 4:17
We Can Work It Out 4:02
Comfort Me 5:10
Jamie 3:58
Nothing Left Of Yesterday 4:39

Night Ranger [2020] Greatest Hits

01. Lay It On Me
02. Don't Let Up
03. Don't Tell Me You Love Me
04. Don't Live Here Anymore
05. Truth
06. The Night Has A Way
07. Somehow Someway
08. I Don't Call This Love
09. Revelation
10. Sister Christian
11. Say What You Want
12. Music Box
13. Longest Days
14. So Far Gone
15. Mountain Song
16. Day And Night

Night Ranger [2021] ATBPO

Coming For You 4:40
Bring It All Home To Me 4:34
Breakout 4:15
Hard To Make It Easy 3:48
Can't Afford A Hero 4:56
Cold As December 4:56
Dance 4:09
The Hardest Road 5:29
Monkey 4:02
A Lucky Man 3:50
Tomorrow 4:55
The Hardest Road (Bonus Track) 5:27

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