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Origen - San Diego, California, EE.UU.

Genero - Heavy metal, Glam metal, Hard rock

Ratt [1983] EP

Sweet Cheater
You Think You're Tough
U Got It
Tell The World
Back For More
Walkin' The Dog

Ratt [1984] Out Of The Cellar

Wanted Man
You're In Trouble
Round And Round
In Your Direction
She Wants Money
Lack Of Communication
Back For More
The Morning After
I'm Insane
Scene Of The Crime

Ratt [1985] Invasion Of Your Privacy

You're In Love
Never Use Love
Lay It Down
Give It All
Closer To My Heart
Between The Eyes
What You Give Is What You Get
Got Me On The Line
You Should Know By Now
Dangerous But Worth The Risk

Ratt [1986] Dancing Undercover

One Good Lover
Drive Me Crazy
Slip Of The Lip
Body Talk
Looking For Love
7th Avenue
It Doesn't Matter
Take A Chance
Enough Is Enough

Ratt [1988] Reach For The Sky

City To City 3:27
I Want A Woman 3:56
Way Cool Jr. 4:25
Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds 3:07
I Want To Love You Tonight 4:26
Chain Reaction 3:38
No Surprise 4:02
Bottom Line 4:20
What's It Gonna Be 4:06
What I'm After 3:34

Ratt [1990] Detonator

Intro To Shame 0:55
Shame Shame Shame 4:32
Lovin' You's A Dirty Job 3:14
Scratch That Itch 3:16
One Step Away 4:50
Hard Time 3:46
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose 3:59
All Or Nothing 4:14
Can't Wait On Love 4:04
Givin' Yourself Away 5:26
Top Secret 3:49

Ratt [1997] Collage

Steel River 4:19
Dr. Rock 3:51
Diamond Time Again 3:39
Ratt Madness 2:32
Hold Tight 4:21
I Want It All 3:51
Mother Blues 3:02
Top Secret (Original Version) 4:41
Take It Anyway 2:32
Lovin' You... Fonic Mix LP Version! 6:34

Ratt [1999]

Over The Edge 4:23
Live For Today 4:40
Gave Up Givin' Up 4:04
We Don't Belong 6:12
Breakout 4:25
Tug Of War 4:18
Dead Reckoning 4:33
Luv Sick 5:10
It Ain't Easy 4:04
All The Way 4:42
So Good, So Fine 4:22

Ratt [2010] Infestation

Eat Me Up Alive
Best Of Me
A Little Too Much
Look Out Below
Last Call
Lost Weekend
As Good As It Gets
Garden Of Eden
Take A Big Bite
Take Me Home
Don't Let Go

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