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Deep Purple

Origen - Hertford, Inglaterra, Reino Unido

Genero - Hard rockHeavy metalBlues rock, Rock psicodélico,  Rock progresivo

Deep Purple [1968] Shades of Deep Purple

And The Address
One More Rainy Day
Prelude Happiness I'm So Glad
Mandrake Root
Love Help Me
Hey Joe

Deep Purple [1968] The Book Of Taliesyn

Listen Learn Read On
Wring That Neck
Kentucky Woman
Exposition - We Can Work It Ou
River Deep Mountain High

Deep Purple [1969]

 Fault Line
Why Didn't Rosemary
Bird Has Flown
The Bird Has Flown (alternate B-side)
Emmaretta (studio B-side)
Emmaretta (bbc Top Gear Session)
Lalena (bbc Radio Session)
The Painter (bbc Radion Session)

Deep Purple [1970] Concerto For Group & Orchestra

Wring That Neck
Child In Time
First Movement- Moderato - All
Second Movement- Andante
Third Movement- Vivace - Prest

Deep Purple [1970] In Rock

Speed King
Child In Time
Flight Of The Rat
Into The Fire
Living Wreck
Hard Lovin' Man

Deep Purple [1970] Space Vol 1 & 2

Wring That Neck
Black Night
Paint It Black
Mandrake Root

Deep Purple [1971] Fireball

No No No
Demon's Eye
Anyone's Daughter
The Mule
No One Came

Deep Purple [1972] Machine Head

Highway Star
Maybe I'm A Leo
Pictures Of Home
Never Before
Somke On The Water
Space Truckin'

Deep Purple [1972] Made In Japan

Highway Star
Child In Time
Smoke On The Water
Strange Kind Of Woman
Space Truckin'
Black Night (bonus track)
Speed King (bonus track)
Lucille (bonus track)

Deep Purple [1973] Who Do We Think We Are

Woman From Tokio
Mary Long
Super Trouper
Smooth Dancer
Rat Bat Blue
Place In Line
Our Lady

Deep Purple [1974] Burn

Might Just Take Your Life
Lay Down, Stay Down
Sail Away
You Fool No One
What`s Goin` On Here
A 200

Deep Purple [1974] Storm Bringer

Love Don't Mean A Thing
Holy Man
 Hold On
 Lady Double Dealer
You Can't Do It Right
High Ball Shooter
The Gypsy
Soldier Of Fortune

Deep Purple [1975] Come Taste the Band

Comin' Home
Gettin` Tighter
I Need Love
Lady Luck
Love Child
This Time Around - Owed To G (Instrumental)
You Keep On Moving

Deep Purple [1975] Live in Paris

The Gypsy
Lady Double Dealer
Smoke On The Water
You Fool No One
Space Trucking
Going Down
Highway Star

Deep Purple [1976] Made In Europe

Lady Double Dealer
You Fool, No One

Deep Purple [1980] In Concert

Speed King
Wring That Neck
Child In Time
Mandrake Root
Highway Star
Strange Kind Of Woman
Never Before
Space Truckin'

Deep Purple [1984] Perfect Strangers

Knockin' At Your Back Door
Under The Gun
Nobody's Home
Mean Streak
Perfect Strangers
Gypsy's Kiss, A
Wasted Sunsets
Hungary Daze
Not Responsible (Bonus Track)

Deep Purple [1987] The House of Blue Light Remastered 2007

Bad Attitude
The Unwritten Law
Call of the Wild
Mad Dog
Black & White
Hard Lovin' Woman
The Spanish Archer
Mitzi Dupree
Dead or Alive

Deep Purple [1988] Nobody's Perfect (Live)

Highway Star
Strange Kind of Woman
Perfect Strangers
Hard Lovin' Woman
Knocking at Your Back Door
Child in Time
Black Night
Woman From Tokyo
Smoke on the Water

Deep Purple [1990] Slaves And Masters

King Of Drams
The Cut Runs Deep
Fire In The Basement
Love Conquers All
Breakfast In Bed
Too Much Is Not Enough
Wicked Ways

Deep Purple [1993] Come Hell or Water

Highway Star
Black Night
A Twist In The Tail
Perfect Strangers
Anyone's Daugher
Child In Time
Speed King
Smoke On The Water

Deep Purple [1993] The Battle Rages on

The Battle Rages on
Lick It Up
Talk About Love
Time To Kill
Ramshackle Man
A Twist In The Tale
Nasty Piece Of Work
One Man's Meat

Deep Purple [1996] Purpendicular

Vavoom: Ted the Mechanic
Loosen My Strings
Soon Forgotten
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Cascades: I'm Not Your Lover
The Aviator
Rosa's Cantina
A Castle Full Of Rascals
A Touch Away
Hey Cisco
Somebody Stole My Guitar
The Purpendicular Waltz
Don't Hold Your Breath [Bonus]

Deep Purple [1998] Abandon

Any Fule Kno That
Almost Human
Don't Make Me Happy
Seventh Heaven
Watching The Sky
Fingers To The Bone
Jack Ruby
She Was
Evil Louie

Deep Purple [2003] Bananas

House Of Pain
Sun Goes Down
Razzle Dazzle
Silver Tongue
Walk On
Picture Of Innocence
I Got Your Number
Never A Word
Doing It Tonight
Contact Lost

Deep Purple [2005] Rapture Of The Deep

Girls Like That.mp3
Wrong Man
Clearly Quite Absurd
Back To Back
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Junkyard Blues
Before Time Began

Deep Purple [2013] Now What

CD 1 - Now What!
A Simple Song
Out Of Hand
Hell To Pay
Above And Beyond
Blood From A Stone
Uncommon Man
Apres Vous
All The Time In The World
Vincent Proce
It'll Be Me

CD 2 - The Now What! Live Tapes
Strange Kind Of Woman
Hard Loving Man
Vincent Price
Contact Lost
All The Time In The World
No One Came
Perfect Strangers
Above And Beyond
Black Night
Smoke On The Water

CD 3 - All The Time In The World
All The Time In The World
Hell To Pay (Radio Edit)
Perfect Strangers (Live)
Rapture Of The Deep (Live)

CD 4 - Vincent Price
Vincent Price
First Sign Of Madness (previously unreleased)
The Well-Dressed Guitar
Wrong Man (Live)

CD 5 - Above And Beyond
Above And Beyond (album version)
Things I Never Said
Space Truckin` (Live in Rom)
Hush (Live in Galve)

Deep Purple [2017] Infinite

Time For Bedlam
Hip Boots
All I Got Is You
One Night In Vegas
Get Me Outta Here
The Surprising
Johnny's Band
On Top Of The World
Birds Of Prey
Roadhouse Blues
Paradise Bar (Non Album Track)
Uncommon Man (Instrumental Version)
Hip Boots (Rehearsal, Ian Paice's Recording)
Strange Kind Of Woman (Live In Aalborg)

Deep Purple [2020] Whoosh!

Throw My Bones
Drop the Weapon
We're All the Same in the Dark
Nothing at All
No Need to Shout
Step by Step
What the What
The Long Way Round
The Power of the Moon
Remission Possible
Man Alive
And the Address
Dancing in My Sleep

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