Jean Luc Ponty

Origen - Avranches, Francia

Genero/s - Jazz

 Jean Luc Ponty [1964] Jazz Long Playing

Une nuit au violon
Modo azul
Spanish castels
Sniffin' the blues
Postlude in C
Au Privave
Manoir de mes rêves
YTNOP blues
I want to talk about you
A Night in Tunisia
Satin doll

 Jean Luc Ponty [1969] The Jean Luc Ponty Experience

Cantaloupe Island
Starlight, Starbright

Jean Luc Ponty [1975] Upon the Wings of Music

Upon the Wings of Music
Question with No Answer
Now I Know
Polyfolk Dance
Waving Memories
Echoes of the Future
Fight for Life

Jean Luc Ponty [1976] Aurora

Is Once Enough
Aurora Part 
Aurora Part II
Passenger Of The Dark
Lost Forest
Between You And Me
Waking Dream

Jean Luc Ponty [1976] Imaginary Voyage

New Country
The Gardens Of Babylon
Wandering The Milky Way
Once Upon A Dream
Imaginary Voyage Part I
Imaginary Voyage Part II
Imaginary Voyage Part III
Imaginary Voyage Part IV

Jean Luc Ponty [1977] Enigmatic Ocean

The Trans-Love Express
Enigmatic Ocean Part I
Enigmatic Ocean Part I I
Enigmatic Ocean Part III
Enigmatic Ocean Part IV
Nostalgic Lady
The Struggle...Part I
The Struggle...Part III

 Jean Luc Ponty [1978] Cosmic Messenger

Cosmic Messenger
The Art Of Happiness
Don-t Let The World Pass You By
I Only Feel Good With You
Puppet-s Dance
Fake Paradise
Ethereal Mood
Egocentric Molecules

Jean Luc Ponty [1978] Live

Aurora (part1)
Aurora (part2)
Imaginary Voyage (part3)
Imaginary Voyage (part4)
No Strings Atached
Egocentric Molecules

Jean Luc Ponty [1979] A Taste For Passion

Stay With Me
Sunset Drive
Dreamy Eyes
Beach Girl
A Taste For Passion
Life Circle
Give Us A Chance

Jean Luc Ponty [1980] Civilized Evil

In Case We Survive
Forms Of Life
Peace Crusaders
Happy Robots
Shape Up Your Mind
Good Guys, Bad Guys
Once A Blue Planet

Jean Luc Ponty [1982] Mystical Adventures

Mystical Adventures Part I
Mystical Adventures Part II
Mystical Adventures Part III
Mystical Adventures Part IV
Mystical Adventures Part V
Rhythms Of Hope
Final Truth Part I
Final Truth Part II

Jean Luc Ponty [1983] Individual Choice

Computer Incantations For Worl
Far From The Beaten Paths
In Spiritual Love
Eulogy To Oscar Romero
Individual Choise
In Spite Of All

 Jean Luc Ponty [1984] Open Mind

Open Mind
Watching Birds
Modern Times Blues
Orbital Encounters

 Jean Luc Ponty [1985] Fables

Infinite Pursuit
Elephants in Love
Radioactive Legacy
Cats Tales
Perpetual Rondo
In the Kindom of Peace
Plastic Idols

Jean Luc Ponty [1987] The Gift of Time

New Resolutions
Faith in You
No More Doubts
Between Sea and Sky
Introspective Perceptions
The Gift of Time

Jean Luc Ponty [1993] No Absolute Time

No Absolute Time
Lost Illusions
Dance Of The Spirits
Forever Together
The African Spirit
Speak Out
Blue Mambo
The Child In You

Jean Luc Ponty [2007] The Atacama Experience

Parisian Thoroughfare
Point Of No Return
Back In The 60's
Without Regrets
Celtic Steps
Desert Crossing
Last Memories Of Her
The Atacama Experience
On My Way To Bombay
Still In Love
To And Fro

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  Origen - Montevideo, Uruguay Genero - Jazz Rock Esta era una grabación estéreo tomada en cassette directamente desde la mesa de control....