Origen - Londres, Inglaterra

Genero(s) - Rock Progresivo, Rock Psicodelico, Art Rock, Jazz Fusion

Egg [1970]

While Growing My Hair
I Will Be Absorbed
Fugue In D Minor
They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano...
The Song Of McGillicudie The Pusillanimous (or Don't Worry James, Your Socks Are Hanging In The Coal Cellar With Thomas)
Symphony No. 2- First Movement
Symphony No. 2- Second Movement
Symphony No. 2- Blane
Symphony No. 2- Third Movement
Symphony No. 2- Fourth Movement
Seven Is A Jolly Good Time
You Are All Princes
Egg [1971] The Polite Force

A Visit To Newport Hospital
Long Piece No. 3- Part One
Long Piece No. 3- Part Two
Long Piece No. 3- Part Three
Long Piece No. 3- Part Four
Egg [1974] The Civil Surface

Germ Patrol
Wind Quartet 1
Wring Out The Ground Loosely Now
Wind Quartet 2

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