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Grand Funk Railroad

Origen - Flint, Míchigan, Estados Unidos

Género(s) - Hard Rock, Blues-Rock

Grand Funk Railroad [1969] Grand Funk

Got This Thing On the Move
Please Don`t Worry
High Falloutin`  Woman
Mr.Limousine Driver
In Need
Winter And My Soul
Inside Looking Out
Grand Funk Railroad [1969] On Time

Are You Ready
Anybody`s Answer
Time Machine
High On A Horse
Into The Sun
Call Yourself a Man
Can`t Be Too Long
Ups And Down
Grand Funk Railroad [1970] Closer to Home

Sin's A Good Man's Brother
Aimless Lady
Nothing Is The Same
Mean Mistreater
Get It Together
I Don't Have To Sing The Blues
Hooked On Love
I'm Your Captain
Mean Mistreater (Alt. Mix)
In Need (Live)
Heartbreaker (Live)
Mean Mistreater (Live)
Get It Together
Grand Funk Railroad [1970] Live Album

Are You Ready
In Need
Inside Looking Out
Words Of Wisdom
Mean Mistreater
Mark Say`s Alright
Into The Sun
Grand Funk Railroad [1971] E Pluribus Funk

Footstompin` Music
People, Let`s Stop The War
I Come Tumblin`
Save The Land
No Lies
Grand Funk Railroad [1971] Survival

Country Road
All You`ve Got Is Money
Comfort Me
Feelin` Alright
I Want Freedom
I Can Feel Him In The Morning
Gimme Shelter
Grand Funk Railroad [1972] Phoenix

Flight Of The Phoenix
Trying To Get Away
She Got To Move Me
Rain Keeps Fallin`
I Just Gotta Know
So You Won`t Have To Die
Freedom Is For Children
Gotta Find Me A Better Day
Rock & Roll Soul
Grand Funk Railroad [1973] We`re An American Band

We`re An American Band
Stop Lookin` Back
Black Licorice
The Railroad
Ain`t Got Nobody
Walk Like A Man
Grand Funk Railroad [1974] All The Girls In The In The World Beware

Look at Granny Run Run
All The Girls In The In The Wo
Good & Evil
Bad Time
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Grand Funk Railroad [1974] Monumental Funk

We Gotta Have Love
Hey Everybody
I've Got News For You
Come See About Me
Harlem Shuffle
Love Lights
Grand Funk Railroad [1974] Shinin` On

The Loco-Motion
Carry Me Through
Please Me
Mt. Pretty Boy
Shinin` On
Gettin` Over You
Little Johnny Hooker
Grand Funk Railroad [1975] Caught In The Act

Foot Stompin Music
Rock & Roll Soul
Closer To Home
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Shinin` On
The Loco-Motion
Black Licorice
The Railroad
We`re An American Band
Inside Looking Out
Grand Funk Railroad [1976] Born To Die

Born To Die
I Fell For You Love
Talk To the People
Take Me
Love Is Dyin`
Good Things
Sin`s A Good Man`s Brother
I`m Your Capitan
Grand Funk Railroad [1976] Good Singin` Good Playin`

Just Coudn`t Wait
Can You Do It
Pass It Around
Don`t Let`em Take Your Gun
Miss My Baby
Big Buns
Out To Get You
Release Your Love
Goin` For The Pastor
Grand Funk Railroad [1981] Grand Funk Lives

Good Times
Queen Bee
Can`t Be With You Tonight
No Reason Why
Stuck In The Middle
Greed Of Man
Wait For Me
Grand Funk Railroad [1983] What's Funk

Rock'n'roll American Style
Nowhere To Run
Still Waitin'
El Salvador
It's A Man's World
I'm So True
Life In Outer Space
Grand Funk Railroad [2000] Unreleased

Getting Into the Sun
Can`t Be Too Long
Got This Thing On the Move
Inside Looking Out
I Can`t Get Along With Society
The End
Destitute And Losin`
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Pay Attention To Me
All I Do
In the Long Run

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