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Arabs in Aspic

Origen - Noruega

Genero(s) - Progressive Rock, Hard Rock

Arabs in Aspic [2003] Progeria (EP)

Silver Storm
Shelob's Cave/The Great Shelob/Wizard in White
Arabs in Aspic [2004] Far out in Aradabia

Arabs in Aspic II
Seventytwo / Hair of the Sun
Talking Mushroom
Come to me
Butterpriest Jam
Arabs in Aspic [2011] Strange Frame of Mind

Aspic Temple
The Flying Norseman
Into My Eye
Fall til Marken
Strange Frame of Mind
Have you ever seen the rain pt2
Hocus Pocus
Arabs in Aspic [2013] Pictures in a Dream

Rejected Wasteland / Pictures in a Dream
Let U.S Pray
You are Blind
Hard to Find
Difference in Time
Ta et steg til siden
Vi motes sikkert igjen
Prevail to Fail
Pictures in a Dream (Acoustic Version)
Arabs in Aspic [2015] Victim of Your Father's Agony

You Can Prove Them Wrong
Sad Without You
The Turk and the Italian Restaurant
God Requires Insanity
TV 3
Flight of the Halibut
Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, pt. 2
Victim of Your Father's Agony
Arabs in Aspic [2017] Syndenes Magi

Syndenes magi
Mörket 2
Mörket 3
Arabs in Aspic [2018] Live at Avantgarden

Syndenes Magi
Mørket II
Mørket III
Victim Of Your Father's Agony
Pictures In A Dream
Silver Storm
Arabs in Aspic [2020] Madness and Magic

I vow to thee my screen
Lullaby for modern kids 1
Lullaby for modern kids 2
High tech Parent
Madness and Magic
Heaven in your eye

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Rick Wakeman

  Origen - Perivale, Inglaterra Géneros - Avant-rock, rock progresivo, pop rock, música electrónica, música clásica, jazz fusión, música c...