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Roger Taylor

Origen - King's Lynn, Norfolk, Inglaterra

Genero(s) - Rock

Roger Taylor [1981] Fun In Space

No Violins
Laugh Or Cry
Future Management
Let's Get Crazy
My Country 1 & 2
Good Times Are Now
Magic Is Loose
Interlude In Constantinople
Fun In Space

Roger Taylor [1984] Strange Frontier

Strange Frontier
Beautiful Dreams
Man On Fire
Racing In The Street
Masters Of War
Killing Time
Young Love
It's An Illusion
I Cry For You (Love, Hope And Confusion)

Roger Taylor [1994] Happiness

Nazis 1994 2:35
Happiness 3:17
Revelations 3:44
Touch The Sky 5:04
Foreign Sand 6:53
Freedom Train 6:12
'You Had To Be There' 2:55
The Key 4:25
Everybody Hurts Sometime 2:52
Loneliness... 2:25
Dear Mr. Murdoch 4:19
Old Friends 3:33

Roger Taylor [1998] Electric Fire

Pressure On 4:56
A Nation Of Haircuts 3:32
Believe In Yourself 5:00
Surrender 3:36
People On Streets 4:11
The Whisperers 6:05
Is It Me? 3:23
No More Fun 4:13
Tonight 3:44
Where Are You Now? 4:48
Working Class Hero 4:41
London Town - C'mon Down 7:11

 Roger Taylor [2010] The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) Simple

The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) 6:12
The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) (Almost Completely Nude) 6:09
The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) (In The Studio) 6:11

Roger Taylor [2013] Fun On Earth

One Night Stand 4:22
Fight Club 3:02
Be With You 3:10
Quality Street 4:25
I Don't Care 3:24
Sunny Day 3:38
Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark) 2:45
I Am The Drummer (In A Rock N' Roll Band) 2:47
Small 3:51
Say It's Not True 4:58
The Unblinking Eye (Abridged) 4:55
Up 3:10
Smile 3:01

Roger Taylor [2014] Best

Future Management (You Don't Need Nobody Else) 2:56
I Wanna Testify 3:45
Let's Get Crazy 3:42
Magic Is Loose 3:24
Strange Frontier 4:15
Man On Fire 4:05
Beautiful Dreams 4:24
Nazis 1994 2:37
Foreign Sand 6:52
Everybody Hurts Sometime 3:02
Happiness 3:26
Surrender 3:39
Where Are You Now? 4:51
A Nation Of Haircuts 3:32
Tonight 3:46
No More Fun 4:20
The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) (Single Version) 6:10
Sunny Day 3:37

Roger Taylor [2021] Outsider

Tides 3:39
I Know I Know I Know 3:51
More Kicks (Long Day's Journey Into Night…Life) 4:56
Absolutely Anything 5:04
Gangsters Are Running This World 4:04
We're All Just Trying To Get By 2:52
Gangsters Are Running This World (Purple Version) 2:37
Isolation 3:24
The Clapping Song 2:55
Outsider 3:41
Foreign Sand (English Mix) 3:01
Journey's End 6:58

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