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Rory Gallagher

Origen - Ballyshannon, Donegal, Irlanda

Género(s) - Blues, Blues Rock, Rock, Rhythm And Blues, Hard Rock, Folk Rock, Jazz


Rory Gallagher [1967] Take It Easy Baby

Wee Wee Baby 2:47
How Many More Years 3:28
Take It Easy Baby 7:17
You've Got To Pay 4:01
Worried Man 2:35
Norman Invasion 3:08
Pardon Me Mister 2:54

Rory Gallagher [1969] Taste

Blister On The Moon
Leaving Blues
Sugar Mama
Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
Dual Carriageway Pain
Same Old Story
I'm Moving On

Rory Gallagher [1970] On The Boards

What's Going On
Railway And Gun
It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again
If The Day Was Any Longer
Morning Sun
Eat My Words
On The Boards
If I Don't Sing I'll Cry
See Here
I'll Remember

Rory Gallagher [1971] Deuce

Used To Be 5:06
I'm Not Awake Yet 5:38
Don't Know Where I'm Going 2:45
Maybe I Will 4:13
Whole Lot Of People 4:54
In Your Town 5:43
Should've Learnt My Lesson 3:34
There's A Light 5:59
Out Of My Mind 3:00
Crest Of A Wave 5:52

 Rory Gallagher [1971] Rory Gallagher

Laundromat 4:38
Just The Smile 3:40
I Fall Apart 5:10
Wave Myself Goodbye 3:27
Hands Up 5:24
Sinner Boy 5:30
For The Last Time 6:34
It's You 2:38
I'm Not Suprised 3:35
Can't Believe It's True 7:15

Rory Gallagher [1972] Live In Europe

Messin' With The Kid
I Could've Had Religion
Pistol Slapper Blues
Going To My Home Town
In Your Town
Bullfrog Blues

Rory Gallagher [1973] Blueprint

Walk On Hot Coals 6:59
Daughter Of The Everglades 6:09
Banker's Blues 4:42
Hands Off 4:27
Race The Breeze 6:51
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 8:22
Unmilitary Two-Step 2:45
If I Had A Reason 4:27

Rory Gallagher [1973] Tattoo

Tattoo'd Lady
Cradle Rock
20:20 Vision
They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore
Livin' Like A Trucker
Sleep On A Clothes-Line
Who's That Coming
A Million Miles Away
Admit It

Rory Gallagher [1975] Against The Grain

Let Me In 4:03
Cross Me Off Your List 4:26
Ain't Too Good 3:54
Souped-Up Ford 6:24
Bought And Sold 3:24
I Take What I Want 4:22
Lost At Sea 4:06
All Around Man 6:14
Out On The Western Plain 3:53
At The Bottom 3:19

Rory Gallagher [1976] Calling Card

Do You Read Me 5:16
Country Mile 3:16
Moonchild 4:44
Calling Card 5:20
I'll Admit You're Gone 4:24
Secret Agent 5:44
Jackknife Beat 7:05
Edged In Blue 5:27
Barley And Grape Rag 3:35

 Rory Gallagher [1978] Bottom Line New York

Shin Kicker
Do You Read Me
Shadow Play
I Wonder Who
Secret Agent
The Mississippi Sheiks
Cloak And Dagger
Out On The Western Plains
Too Much Alcohol

Rory Gallagher [1978] Photo-Finish

Shin Kicker 3:57
Brute Force And Ignorance 4:23
Cruise On Out 4:42
Cloak And Dagger 5:18
Overnight Bag 4:35
Shadow Play 4:46
The Mississippi Sheiks 6:06
The Last Of The Independents 4:01
Fuel To The Fire 6:16

Rory Gallagher [1979] Top Priority

Follow Me 4:41
Philby 3:51
Wayward Child 3:31
Keychain 4:09
At The Depot 2:57
Bad Penny 4:03
Just Hit Town 3:37
Off The Handle 5:37
Public Enemy No 1 3:46

Rory Gallagher [1980] Stage Struck

Shin Kicker 3:50
Wayward Child 4:47
Brute Force And Ignorance 4:13
Moonchild 6:00
Follow Me 6:17
Bought And Sold 4:38
The Last Of The Independants 5:37
Shadow Play 5:09

Rory Gallagher [1982] Jinx

Big Guns 3:30
Bourbon 4:03
Double Vision 5:04
The Devil Made Me Do It 2:52
Signals 4:42
Jinxed 5:00
Easy Come Easy Go 5:45
Nothin' But The Devil
Ride On Red, Ride On
Lonely Mile 4:37
Loose Talk 4:08

Rory Gallagher [1988] Defender

Kickback City 4:52
Loanshark Blues 4:30
Continental Op 4:36
I Ain't No Saint 5:02
Failsafe Day 4:26
Road To Hell 5:34
Doing Time 4:09
Smear Campaign 4:49
Don't Start Me Talkin'
Seven Days
Seems To Me 4:55
No Peace For The Wicked 4:09

Rory Gallagher [1988] Fresh Evidence

'Kid' Gloves
The King Of Zydeco (To: Clifton Chenier)
Middle Name
Empire State Express
Ghost Blues
Heaven's Gate
The Loop
Walkin' Wounded
Slumming Angel

Rory Gallagher [1992] Etched In Blue

Loanshark Blues 4:30
Bought And Sold 3:26
Bad Penny 4:01
Cruise On Out 4:43
Crest Of A Wave 6:00
I'm Not Surprised 3:39
Unmilitary Two-Step 2:51
Alexis 4:08
Edged In Blue 5:31
They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore 4:08
The Devil Made Me Do It 2:57
Too Much Alcohol 8:26
I Could Have Had Religion 8:22
Shin Kicker 3:42

Rory Gallagher [1999] BBC Sessions

Calling Card 8:25
What In The World 9:17
Jacknife Beat 8:59
Country Mile 3:17
Got My Mojo Working 5:17
Garbage Man 5:54
Roberta 2:37
Used To Be 4:59
I Take What I Want 6:57
Cruise On Out 5:49
Race the Breeze 6:53
Hands Off 4:58
Crest Of A Wave 3:57
Feel So Bad 4:58
For The Last Time 4:13
It Takes Time 4:28
Seventh Son Of 7th Son 7:59
Daughter Of The Everglades 6:12
They Don't Make Them Like You 3:58
Toredown 5:14
When My Baby She Left Me 5:00
Hoodoo Man 7:23

 Rory Gallagher [2003] Wheels Within Wheels

Wheels Within Wheels 3:28
Flight To Paradise 4:27
As The Crow Flies 4:09
Lonesome Highway 5:19
Bratacha Dubha 2:57
She Moved Thro' The Fair/Ann Cran Ull 2:19
Barley & Grape Rag 4:22
The Cuckoo 3:42
Deep Elm Blues 4:17
Amazing Grace 1:19
Walkin' Blues 5:37
Blue Moon Of Kentucky 2:49
Goin' To My Hometown 4:55
Lonesome Highway Refraining 1:59

Rory Gallagher [2011] Lo Mejor de Rory Gallagher

Tattoo'd Lady
A Million Miles Away
Ain't Too Good
At The Depot
What's Going On
Bad Penny
Brute Force & Ignorance
Cloak & Dagger
Continental Op (To Dashiell Hammet)
Crest Of A Wave
Daughter Of The Everglades
Easy Come Easy Go
Follow Me
For The Last Time
I'm Not Awake Yet
Just Hit Town
Public Enemy No.1
Secret Agent
Shadow Play
Slumming Angel
The King Of Zydeco
The Watcher
They Don't Make Them Like You
Wayward Child

Rory Gallagher [2011] Notes from San Francisco

Rue The Day
B Girl
Mississippi Sheiks
Wheels Within Wheels
Overnight Bag
Cruise On Out
Brute Force & Ignorance
Fuel To The Fire
Follow Me
Off The Handle
Bought And Sold
I'm Leavin'
Tattoo'd Lady
Do Your Read Me
Country Mile
Calling Card
Shadow Play
Bullfrog Blues
Sea Cruise

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