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Ruth Copeland

Origen - Consett, Durham, Inglaterra

Generos - Funk, Soul, Folk

Ruth Copeland [1970] Self Portrait

Prologue : Child Of The North 5:40
Thanks For The Birthday Card 4:26
Your Love Been So Good To Me 3:16
The Music Box 3:40
The Silent Boatman 5:50
To William In The Night 2:50
No Commitment 3:19
I Got A Thing For You Daddy 3:42
A Gift Of Me 1:52
Un Bel Di (One Fine Day) 5:50

Ruth Copeland [1971] I Am What I Am

The Medal 6:50
Cryin' Has Made Me Stronger 5:36
Hare Krishna 3:22
Suburban Family Lament 3:48
Play With Fire 7:16
Don't You Wish You Had (What You Had When You Had It?) 4:49
Gimme Shelter 7:54

Ruth Copeland [1976] Take Me To Baltimore

Win or Lose
Milky Way Man
Oh Baby
Here You Come Again
Take Me to Baltimore
Some Hearts Need to Sing the Blues
If You Don’t Want My Love

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